In this week, I’m planning to do the following stuff:

  • Initial work for Online Shopping Microservice Blueprint
  • Prepare for next blueprint application (high performance)

Good luck~ :-)


API gateway

How to implement an API gateway with load balance.

Checkout model

TODO: The checkout-payment-order model should be changed.


In our design, the online shopping microservice blueprint contains many components, so we need to pay attention to how to deploy such a microservice application (e.g. use Docker Compose, Kubernetes; Deploy on Openshift)

Order dispatching design

In our current design, orders are sent via clustered event bus. But a real production environment, orders are supposed to be dispatched to message queues with recovery and persistence ability(e.g. Kafka). And the order processing component and order persistence component should pull orders from the MQ.

Integration with other technologies

e.g. Kafka


  • Initial work for Online Shopping Microservice Blueprint