In this week, I’m planning to do the following stuff:

  • Core component of Vert.x Kue implementation complete
    • Event system in Kue
    • KueWorker
    • Job
  • Basic implementation of Vert.x Kue HTTP component
    • REST API implementation
    • A simple UI (Vert.x Kue UI)
  • Refine the code of Vert.x Kue
    • The Job class is messy and need refinement
    • More concise
  • Learn more about microservice (as well as Vert.x Microservice Toolbox)
  • Write a brief introduction to new features of Vert.x 3.3.0 (in Chinese, will publish in Vert.x China Group)

PS: The Dragon Boat Festival holiday will be coming from Thursday to Saturday this week so I may not spend very much time on work during the holiday~ Have a great week :-)


Solved: Regex match in route path

In original Kue’s API, there is a route with path /jobs/:from..:to/:order?. I tried this in Vert.x Web(/jobs/:from..:to) but Vert.x Web cannot match it. So I used regex match \/jobs\/([0-9]*)\.\.([0-9]*)(\/[^\/]+)?:

public static final String KUE_API_JOB_RANGE = "\\/jobs\\/([0-9]*)\\.\\.([0-9]*)(\\/[^\\/]+)?";

// ...


But nothing matched, which made me confused. And path like /jobs/:from/to/:to can be matched.

Solution: First use a supported pattern to catch string like 1..10 then use regex parse.


Implementation of Vert.x Kue core

  • Job processing interface KueService now provides two methods: process method do asynchronous procedure(use common verticles), while processBlocking method could do blocking procedure(use worker verticles)
  • Add attempt support (could attempt when fails)
    • TODO: need enhancement and test
  • Add worker and job cardinality metrics support
  • Add support for getting jobs with range(rank)
  • Basic refinement of Job class
  • Refactored most of async methods to Future based style (in order to support monadic transform and say goodbye to callback hell)
  • Fix issue: Sometimes throw java.lang.ClassCastException caused by wrong time flow when processing a job
  • Fix issue: Generated json converter sometimes could not distinguish some properties(e.g. id and jobMetrics) correctly

See here: sczyh30/vertx-blueprint-job-queue

Basic implementation of Vert.x Kue HTTP component

  • Basic implementation of Vert.x Kue REST API(get job, create job, delete job, get job by range(or state), etc)
  • Basic adaption between Vert.x Web and original Kue UI (rendered with vertx-web-templ-jade; still have some problems to solve)

Wrote a brief introduction to new features of Vert.x 3.3.0 in Chinese