The GSoC Midterm Evaluation is coming~ Boost~O(∩_∩)O


In this week, I’m planning to do the following stuff:

  • Enhance Event system and KueWorker in Kue
    • Implement all basic events in original Kue
    • If possible, do some performance optimization
  • Add test cases and fix bugs
  • Add more examples
  • Finish all Vert.x Kue REST apis
  • Adapt Vert.x Kue REST API with original Kue’s UI
  • Code refinement
  • Initial document and design diagram update
  • Learn more about new features in Vert.x 3.3.0


  • initial-work implementation of Vert.x Kue (including Vert.x Kue REST API and UI)
  • Bugs fixed
  • Add more examples
  • Some refactor and code refinement
  • Feature document draft